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Wildhuter.png Wildhüter is a team of 5 Closers (Wolfgang Schneider, Luna Aegis, Soma, Bai Winchester, and Seth) under the supervision of UNION agent Alice Wiseman. Rather then starting on Gangnam District, Wildhüter characters start on a UNION airship.

Wildhüter is a special team where they are separated into two squads: Sqaud 1 formed of adults who start on Wheel of Fortune, and Squad 2 formed of kids who start on Reverse Wheel. The story progression differs depending on the squad character.

Squad 1 consists of Wolfgang Schneider and Bai Winchester. Their story progression for season 1 is the story of Shub.
Squad 2 consists of Luna Aegis, Soma and Seth. Their story progression for season 1 is the story of Anna.
All members of Team Wildhüter utilize foreign weapons that seems to have its own will:

  • Wolfgang uses the Black Book, a mysterious grimoire that has the power to summon evil spirits or weapons of dimensional monsters sealed inside the book.
  • Luna uses the Shield of the Goddess (Named Aegis by her)
  • Soma is the Omnipotent Elixir
  • Bai uses the Blade of the Ice, also known as the Blade of the Polar dimensional Overlord
  • Seth uses the deadly claw, 'Sekhmet'

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