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Wiki To-Do

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Wiki To-Do List

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    • Done up to now: Seulbi, Tein (needs Updates section), Seha (needs updated %s)
    • Restands (not PvP-only but oh well)
    • Grabs (again not PvP-only but /shrug), Category:Grab
    • Inv frames
    • Ungrabbable skills
  • Dungeons & Areas
  • Costume
    • KR/EN Names for Costumes not on the list
    • All Accessory information
    • Costume Tuning information
    • Achievements, additional effects (such as cutscene/pose/emote) and stats, Material Conversion accs
  • Equipment
  • Circle
    • Official KR/EN names for Circle Hangout items
  • Other Systems & Mechanics
    • Information on Storage is lacking
    • A page for buff systems such as VIP should be created, or the information needs to be added to a pre-existing page
    • A page for 100% completion should be created, and the information linked on each Area
    • A page for Titles should be created, with basic information and interface translation
    • Page for PNA should be integrated w/ Endgame's guide and updated
    • A page for Pet System should be created
    • Page for Status Effects is severely lacking in info
  • Other

I had to fall, to lose it alllllll.......

    • Information about Achievements
    • Experience Table data inputs (including PvP exp)
    • Headers for pages under a same page, such as Costume and Equipment
    • Pages for systems that are currently only explained on the forums, and/or inclusion of forum tutorial info

Temporary Thing

  • For skills information, prioritize level 10/20 or highest (active), 6/15 or highest (FM), or 1/10 (no cube). Those are the only important levels...the rest of the information can be filled when someone's bored enough to do it.
  • Need to plan something for skills that become too old. Like for example, what if Seulbi's 1-2 gets another image? I'll need to give Fire Storm's files a unique name.


Planned Template Changes

  • Template:SkillTest
    • Add level required for skill cube
  • Template:Itembg
    • Remove all expensive parser functions
  • Template:ColorSel
    • Search for all pages still using ColorSel and replace it with new name (cs)
  • Skill template is actually functional right now, albeit the lack of multiple server support (not like it matters until NA comes out, but I guess we should pay attention to the large playerbase in JP), which is why it's very, very low priority on my list right now
    • Add something to change resource type, in case I'm not around to change template specifically for the skill

Useful Templates

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