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Wiki Rules

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General Information:
  1. Closers HQ and the Wiki use the same login credentials. Account Creation on the Wiki is disabled, new accounts have to be made here on the forums. [Register Here]
  2. If you need to discuss anything about the wiki, please go to the #wiki-chat channel of Discord.
  3. For help on creating or editing skill pages, taking up the majority of our wiki, head over to Help:Skills
Please follow these rules when editing pages:
  1. Vandalism of any kind on any pages will not be tolerated.
  2. Click here for image naming rules.
  3. Do not add useless or obvious information.
  4. Do not add opinions or info that is not canon.
  5. Do not add trivia about references to other kinds of media unless the reference is confirmed to be intentional.
  6. Do not add speculations of future content updates without providing an official source.
  7. Remember to preview your edits before saving to proofread your work.
  8. Before creating new pages or uploading new images, check to see if that page/image isn't already created to avoid making duplicates.
  9. If you want to make a request to edit a protected page, contact an Administrator.
  10. Make sure your edits are clear and understandable to the readers. We understand that not everyone is fluent in English but other editors might not be able to fix your grammatical errors if we don't understand your wording.

If massive vandalism or misuse of tools happen, Administrators will resort to locking pages. Breaking the rules will lead to having editing privileges removed.

Contact any Administrator, if you have any questions.
If you see acts of vandalism, please click here for instructions.

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