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Union Medal

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Union Medals are a separate type of currency that you can use to purchase or reduce the cost of cash goods.
This system was removed April 30th, 2015.

Obtaining Union Medal

Union Watch: 300/600 UM

  • Clear all quests on the Union Watch in order to receive a ??? and 300 UM. (600 UM on weekends)
    • The amount of UM you receive depends on KST, so you can receive 600 UM on a Friday's stamina by turning Union Watch Quests after 12AM KST, but before 4 AM KST.
  • You may only receive UM from Union Watch ONCE PER DAY.

Dimensional War: Up to 500 UM

  • Clearing Dimensional War will grant you 100 UM per clear.
    • You may receive UM through AI mode and Ranked mode, but not Friendly mode.
  • You may only receive UM from Dimensional War 5 times per day.

Using Union Medal

The primary use of Union Medals is to reduce cash shop item prices by up to 50%, however some items/services can be purchased with Union Medals only:

  • 15/30 Day NPC Hairs
  • Item Slot Expansions
  • Storage Slot Expansions
  • Market Slot Expansions (will return after Trade Block has been removed)
  • Costume Aesthetic Slots
  • Additional Skill Slot


All Union Medals expire on the last day of each month, so remember to use them beforehand.

Gameplay Items Other
Modes Mechanics System Equipment Costume General Story Etc.

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