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Union Arena

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Union Arena is a game mode where you may battle against other players..

Release Dates

  • 1v1:
    • 11/19/15 KR (Initial)
    • 11/26/15 KR (Re-instated)
  • 3v3:
    • 7/28/16 KR



In Arena PvP, many skills and mechanics function differently from what they usually do.
Check skill pages to see if they have PvP-exclusive mechanics.

In addition to that, some stats have a different maximum value (cap):

Stat Maximum in PVP
Physical/Magical critical damage 200%
Cooldown reduction 40%
Physical/Magical damage reflection 15%
Situational critical damage 15%
Percentage damage increase 10%
Situational damage increase 25%
Phase power release damage increase 30%


When downed, you will be invulnerable, unless hit by a skill capable of re-standing in Arena.

Arena Time

During Arena Time, players will be able to acquire bonus rewards for both winning and losing, Arena Time's schedule is the following (all times scheduled in KST for korean server only):

17:00 to 18:00

19:00 to 20:00

21:00 to 22:00

23:00 to 00:00


Experience Points & Win Streaks

You'll get


Each round may last a maximum of 180 seconds (3 minutes). When time is up, the player with the highest HP wins in the round.


When starting match, skills capable of re-standing, grabbing, or crashing armor will begin with cooldown. Finishing Moves and certain other skills will also begin with cooldown.
The cooldown is equal to 2 * Original Cooldown (not confirmed)

Victory Conditions

To achieve a win, you must win 2 battles. The first person to reach 2 victories wins the match.


Similiar to PVE, you will keep your Circle buffs & House Keeper party buff (if you have set effect for it) PC buff etc.... when you enter Union Arena, on the other hand, talismans won't work.

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