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Tina is Long range combat type character and mainly combined with chase effect. with her various weapon, tina can attack enemy from far away without any trouble.Tina is full physic damage dealer.Tina weak in close combat , But covered with her grabbing skill which always send enemy in mid air.

Wolfdog.png Tina
Name FlagKR.png Tina (티나)
FlagJP.png Tina (ティナ)
Weapon Various Military Weapons
Voice Actor FlagKR.png Mun Seon-hui (문선희)
FlagJP.png Fukuen Misato (福圓 美里)
Age 8 (Since manufacturing date)
12 (As Trainer's apprentice in the Dimensional War)
Birthday May 28th
Weight 99kg
Height 156cm
Blood Type
T/I FlagKR.png July 21st, 2016
FlagJP.png March 16th, 2017
OC FlagKR.png July 28th, 2016
FlagJP.png March 23th, 2017

Combos & Special Movement

Combo Damage
? Z.png Z.png Z.png Z.png Z.png Z.png
? D.png Z.png
? R.png R.png Z.png Z.png Z.png Z.png
? X.png Z.png
? X.png X.png
? R.png R.png X.png Z.png Z.png Z.png

Hover over any dotted text for additional info.

Character Passive


Imaginary Space

Main Article: Arms System
Tina freely controls imaginary space, storing and using weapon in this space to aid her in combat.
By ignoring the rules of physics with this imaginary space from her phase power, all her attacks while on the ground will deal Chase damage.


Start mission. Tina, departing.

Main Article: Teamwork Skills

Tina's Teamwork Skill increases Physical & Magical Critical Damage.



S0-1.png Phase Power Release : Tina Level 1 (2 SP)
Cancel.png Forced Cancel Level 1 (2 SP)
Evade.png Emergency Evasion Level 1 (1 SP)


AS1-1.PNG Dive Level 1 (2 SP)
AS1-2.PNG Close Combat Level 1 (2 SP)
AS1-3.PNG Thunderbolt Level 1 (2 SP)
AS1-4.PNG Sharp Shooting Level 2 (2 SP)
AS1-5.PNG Finishing Move Peacemaker Level 7 (5 SP)

Character Passive : Intern

Hidden Bonus

Damage Increase on Chase is permanently increased by 10%.

Intern Promotion Exam


AS2-1.PNG Rapid Fire Level 21 (2 SP)
AS2-2.PNG Heat Shot Level 22 (2 SP)
AS2-3.PNG I want to be alone Level 23 (2 SP)
AS2-4.PNG Finishing Move Battlefield Level 24 (5 SP)
AS2-5.PNG Cool your head Level 30 (3 SP)


SP2-1.PNG Basic Attack Training Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-2.PNG Attack Strengthening Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-3.PNG Fatal Strike Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-4.PNG Probability Manipulation Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-5.PNG Matter Penetration Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-6.PNG Resilience Training Level 18 (2 SP)

Official Crew Exam

  1. Talk to Trainer (트레이너) at G Tower Rooftop.
    • Complete Cube once.
    • Report back to Trainer.
  2. Talk to Trainer.
    • Gather :
      • Rainessence.png 7 Rainbow-colored Dimensional Essence (무지개빛 차원의 정수)
      • Crack3.png 5 Unyielding Dimensional Fissure (확고한 차원의 균열)
        • Both items can be crafted.
    • Report to Han Seokbong (한석봉) at (Old) Guro Station.
  3. Talk to Han Seokbong.
  4. Talk to Woo Jeongmi.
    • Complete 1 run of 3-S.
    • Report to Trainer at G Tower Rooftop.
  5. Talk to Trainer.
    • Complete Cube 4 times.
    • Report back to Trainer.


AS3-1.PNG Trick Shot Level 41 (2 SP)
AS3-2.PNG Pot Shot Level 42 (2 SP)
AS3-3.PNG Phantom Snipe Level 43 (2 SP)
AS3-4.PNG Finishing Move Finish Them Level 44 (5 SP)


SP3-1.PNG Phase Armor Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-2.PNG Barrier Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-3.PNG Power Conditioning Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-4.PNG Aerial Death Technique Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-5.PNG Back Capture Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-6.PNG Gazelle Type Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-7.PNG Phase Penetration Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-8.PNG Forced Phase Strengthening Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-9.PNG Fatal Phase Power Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-10.PNG Transcendent Force Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-11.PNG Compiling Coincidences Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-12.PNG Tracking Instinct Level 41 (2 SP)


Before The team BlackLambs and Wolfdog formed, There was a serial murder case where 13 Closer agent union Was Assassinated. After Serveral Investigation And collecting clue from Witnesses, Union find out the one behind assassination was little girl with silver hair. Each time she assassinated her target, she was leaving no trace behind .Because her modus operandi, she was called "Ghost" By union.

Then Union Make A Request to Vultures to Hunt down the "Ghost", And then this request trusted to Trainer, The Wolfdog Leader. When Trainer Found out Who is the "Ghost", How suprized he was after knowing the identity of "Ghost" itself, And then The "Ghost" Detonate Herself. Trainer Which survives , Bringing Back The "Ghost" with him To Vultures lab. Vultures Discovered The "Ghost" Was An Android Which Created By Terrorist Organization.

The Android itself its created By using The Phase Power User Corpse Which Died in Dimensional War I, Which the First android who able to fight with Phase power. The android Abilty Is "Imaginary Space", which making her able to store various Combat weapon In Dimensional space that her create.

After so many consideration, Trainer Make a Request to Vulture To Reprogram the android and make her become one of Wolfdog Crew. Trainer Then Call the Android "Tina" And entrust her with various important mission to her.

And there also one more thing that Trainer only know, About The Past of the Android Which become his Crew.


  • Tina's dance is a slightly modified version of TWICE's Cheer Up.
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