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Throne of Abyss 「Raid」

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The following are just quick descriptions of the various *important* attacks that the Mephisto raid has (On V. Hard). Did my best to list all attacks, but this list is completely unorganized.

  • Teleport grab: Standard Meph has this too
  • Spin: Meph spins and deals damage
  • Door: Player must destroy the door. Failing to do so will spawn an additional monster.
  • Circle of fireballs: All are blue initially. One fireball will turn orange and the plyaer must run through before getting hit by the blues. Two waves of fireballs total.
  • Stomp: Stomps the ground and makes a shockwave
  • Projectile slashes: Launches two slashes forwards across the ground (Can hit air)
  • Summon eyeballs: Summons 4 eyeballs from the door that launch out in a spread (Will summon 5 at lower health)
  • Laser: Meph teleports and fires a laser
  • Meteors: Summons meteors to fall and deal damage (Summons more at lower health)
  • Pillar in center: Protect pillar by running into orange fireballs. Avoid Blues. Failing to protect the pillar from oranges causes Meph to do a map wide attack. Success will grant a buff to player.
  • Flame pit: Slams ground and leaves fires
  • Turn player around thing: Player will have purple aura and can be randomly turned around
  • Lantern: One (Maybe more?) player will have a lantern over their head. They must run to the other lanterns to prevent a large aoe attack from triggering. There may be one lantern to get to or two lanterns to get to depending on how much health meph has lost. Will drop meteors during this phase as well.
  • Astaroth thing: Four safe spots will spawn/ Each player must get their own safe spot. Meph will do full map attack after.
  • Ground slam (Spikes): Slams ground and launches spikes out in 8 directions
  • Enrage: At certain points meph will become invincible and roar while releasing an aura. Will upgrade the damage and or effects of his attacks.
  • Slashes: Slashes at player multiple times
  • Spin + launch slashes: Launches two slashes forwards while doing spin attack
  • Stomp (Spikes): Does ground stomps that also summons spikes up from ground
  • Roar + Metoer: Roars and summons many meteors capable of flinch locking the player

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