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Super Armor

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Super Armor (SA) is a buff many Dimensionals and Closers obtain when using Skills or certain actions. Most playable character's skills have Lv. 1 Super Armor.

Dimensionals or players with a Super Armor buff will not receive hitstun from any attacks, unless the Super Armor Crash level of the attack is equivalent or higher than the Super Armor Level.
Mini Bosses and Bosses will have their Super Armor Level displayed on their HP bar:
If you or the foe receive an attack capable of crashing Super Armor, the current action being preformed will be canceled and the affected will receive hitstun.

All Finishing Moves are capable of Super Armor Crashing, though there are a few Actives that can also crash Super Armor.
Using Phase Power Release with a Finishing Move will increase the Finishing Move's Super Armor Crash Level by 1.

On some bosses and foes, even if they have Super Armor Levels displayed on their HP bar, they can still flinch from attacks with a lower Super Armor Crash Level. A clear indication of Super Armor being active is to check for a red outline around the foe.


Grab is a special exception from Super Armor Crash. Grabs are capable of crashing the Super Armor + inflicting hitstun on certain foes, even if the Super Armor Crash level of the grabbing skill used is lower than the Super Armor Level.

However, be advised that not all foes can be grabbed, and some grabbable foes will have attacks that prevent them from being grabbed.

Below is a list of example grabs. For full list of grabs, click here.

Example Grabs
Character Image Name
SS2-P.png SS3-2.PNG Point Blank Strike
CS2-P.png CS1-3.PNG Psychic Explosion
RS2-P.png RS2-3.PNG Yuri Spiral
FS2-P.png FS1-2.PNG Ocher Catch
LS2-P.png LS1-3.PNG Tornado
HS2-P.png HS1-3.PNG Lasso
WS2-P.PNG WS1-2.PNG Tail Whip
RoS2-P.PNG RoS2-3.PNG Cyclone
AS2-P.png AS1-4.PNG Sharp Shooting

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