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For Season 1 Black Lambs and Wolfdog, Closers' story is set in New Seoul, Gangnam, in the year 2020.
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Black Lambs


SPOILERS: S1 Story Summary by Kanra
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@everyone Also, as I am not finishing my Translation project anytime soon, here is the translation of Wolfdogs in Season 1 in very few bullet points

  • They are told to gather remnants of a Dimensional.
  • They are told to go on a suicide mission. They live.
  • They have to obey to Siyoung.
  • They collect some more remnants, while activating Kalbach's Research Facility and activating his 'phantom' to come out. They get the stuff they needed from Kalbach's reserch facility.
  • They initially decide to kill Empress Coccoon, but higher power tells them not to.
  • They rescue Mamba, the Dimensional.
  • They cure Mamba, the Dimensional, while Jeongmi becomes captured and is forced to help them.
  • Jeongmi's negative energy creates Puppet Master.
  • Masked Kim, vice president of Wolfdogs, can't stand to look at the atrocities that Siyoung is ordering them to do, therefore takes them under his care.
  • He is soon reduced to lower workman status by Siyoung when she is elected as the new President of Vultures after the current one was killed.
  • Wolfdogs are ordered to kill Jeongmi to get rid of Puppet Master, but Jeongmi is saved by Wolfdogs somehow defeating Puppet Master.
  • Mamba is healed, but Siyoung secretly plants a pain device like Wolfdog's choker in Mamba's brain.
  • They go to G*Tower.
  • In G*Tower, they re*build Hecatoncheires, planning to use it as a weapon>
  • Mamba is also brought to the Dragon's Throne to become the new Astaroth, which Siyoung also plans to use as a weapon and sell it to other countries.
  • Trainer and Wolfdogs finally stand up for themselves and fight against Siyoung secretly
  • They eventually thwart her plans, but her plan was to cause chaos, not to sell the weapons
  • Siyougn dies by Hechatonkeireis
  • Wolfdogs take care of her mess, emotional fight with Mamba. Gangnam is yet saved again by Wolfdogs.
  • Government and UNON trying to hide their ill doings blame everything on Wolfdogs and now they are on the run
  • They reach Epilogue area, and pretend they are closers
  • They find terrorist groups, and initially intends to let them be
  • But Trainer asks Wolfdog members himself to help him stop them
  • They thwart whatever plan was going on, and they move onto Airport to secretly get on an airplane cargo to escape from bounty hunters
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