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Stamina is a system implemented to limit gameplay. There are two variants of Stamina: Normal (typically referred to as Character) and Account. Upon entering dungeon, you will consume stamina from both bars of stamina.

  • Most dungeons will consume 10 stamina. The exceptions are 1-1 (Easy), 1-2 (Easy) and Tiamat side dungeons, which will consume 5.
  • DIM and other special missions do not consume stamina, and most of those do give EXP and rewards normally, just not event drops.
  • Note that, so long as you have even 1 stamina on both bars left, you'll be able to enter dungeons even if they consume more than that.

All stamina is reset everyday at 4 AM, in the timezone the server follows.

Types of Stamina

Normal Stamina

All characters have a maximum of 170 Stamina, plus 60 on weekends.

You may increase the maximum by 30 with Elite Training Course Contract (엘리트 육성코스 기억, aka Character VIP) activated. The 30 stamina will be recovered, even if you don't have any.
You may also restore Normal Stamina with various potions and event items.

Account Stamina

Account Stamina is stamina shared by every character on the server you are on. The maximum starts at 340, plus 100 on weekends.

You may increase the maximum account stamina by purchasing character slots with NX.
Each character slot increases the maximum by 40, and must be purchased with cash points in order to provide account stamina.

Purchased Slots Account Stamina
1 +40 maximum
2 +80 maximum

You may also increase the maximum account stamina by using a 'Closer Elite Training Course Contract' (클로저 엘리트 육성코스 계약, aka Account VIP).

The Course Contract will increase account stamina by 170, and will stack with the increased stamina from slots. The 170 account stamina will be recovered, even if you don't currently have any.

Stamina Recovery Items

Most stamina recovery items will recover both normal and account stamina simultaneously. The amount recovered will depend on the item.
All recovery items cannot be sold or traded in any way, but most can be bank shared.

Name Image Description
 ? (alike to
+1 normal stamina
 ? 11Stam.png +11 normal stamina
Oolong Tea Mini Drink
(우롱사 미니 드링크)
+20 both stamina
 ? 30 Character Stamina.png +30 Character Stamina
 ? 30Stam.PNG +40 both stamina
 ? 60Stam.png +60 both stamina
 ? 120Stam.png +120 both stamina
 ? 150Stam.png +150 both stamina
 ? +200 both stamina

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