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Main Stat: Physical Power
Wildhüter Closer who uses a tonfa to deal powerful attacks. Soma despises dimensional monsters and channels her anger into her combat abilities. Her skill focus on non-stop attacks, and powerful finishing moves. The only thanks she ever asks for is a smile.

Wildhuter.png Soma
Name FlagKR.png Soma (소마)
FlagJP.png Soma (ソーマ)
Class Astra
Weapon Burst Tonfas
Voice Actor FlagKR.png 여윤미 (Won Yun)
FlagJP.png Suzaki Aya (洲崎綾)
Age 15
Birthday March 26th, 2006
Weight 55kg
Height 160cm
Blood Type Soma
Hobbies Doll Making
Personal Color Hot Pink
T/NA FlagKR.png February 8th, 2018
FlagJP.png February 14th, 2019
FlagUS.png October 28th, 2018
FlagID.png February 14th, 2019
RA FlagKR.png February 22th, 2018
FlagUS.png October 28th, 2018
FlagID.png February 14th, 2019
SA FlagKR.png April 26th, 2018
FlagUS.png November 12th, 2018
TF FlagKR.png February 14th, 2019

Combos & Special Movement

Combo Description
px px px px Strike enemies twice with the Tonfa that emit sparks, followed by a kick and finish with a kick that send enemies flying.
pxpx px Run foward and bodyslam enemies.
px px Jumps and strike enemies below with the Tonfas.
pxpx px px px px Jump into the air and launch enemies with a upperkick, a tonfa swing and finish with a full-round kick.
Knocked Down px Recover from a knocked down state, knocking down nearby enemies.

Character Passive


Heaven and Earth

Soma gains a huge burst of destructive power during a phase transition.

Adopting a [stance] triggers Heaven and Earth for 20 seconds.

WHTeamIcon.png Teamwork

Smile Time

Main Article: Teamwork Skills
Soma's Teamwork Skill increases Air Strike Crit Damage.



S0-1.png Empowered State: Soma Level 1 (2 SP)
Cancel.png Cancel: Soma Level 1 (2 SP)
Evade.png Combat Dodge Level 1 (1 SP)


AsS1-1.PNG Asura's Descent Level 1 (2 SP)
AsS1-2.PNG Indra's Lightning Level 1 (2 SP)
AsS1-3.PNG Two Moons Level 2 (2 SP)
AsS1-4.PNG Mantra Level 4 (2 SP)
AsS1-5.PNG Rank 1 Special Move: Divine Fire Level 7 (5 SP)

Character Passive : Novice Agent

Hidden Bonus

Physical Critical Damage +5%

Novice Agent Promotion Exam

Level requirement: 19

  1. Talk to Cameron (김가면) at Castle Garden.
  2. Talk to Alice (앨리스 와이즈맨) at Castle Garden.
  3. Talk to Alice.
  4. Gather Raindust.png Chromatic Phase Grain (무지개빛 차원의 티끌) x10
    • Report back to Alice.
  5. Talk to Alice.
    • Complete Sunset Castle on Skirmish Difficulty within 7:00 minutes or less.
    • Report back to Alice.
  6. Talk to Alice.
    • Complete Castle Garden on Skirmish Difficulty.
    • Report back to Alice.


AsS2-1.PNG Destructive Hit Level 21 (2 SP)
AsS2-2.PNG Skanda Level 22 (2 SP)
AsS2-3.PNG Phase Wave Bullet Level 23 (2 SP)
AsS2-4.PNG Rank 2 Special Move: Divine Spear Level 24 (5 SP)
AsS2-5.PNG Lion's Roar Level 30 (3 SP)


SP2-1.PNG Basic Attack Training Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-2.PNG Reinforce Power Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-3.PNG Critical Blow Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-4.PNG Rate Manipulation Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-5.PNG Material Penetration Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-6.PNG Endurance Training Level 18 (2 SP)

Regular Agent Exam

Level requirement: 42

  1. Talk to Alice (앨리스 와이즈맨) at Abandoned Factory Skies.
  2. Talk to Alice at Abandoned Factory Skies.
    • Complete Cube once.
    • Report back to Alice.
  3. Talk to Alice.
    • Gather :
      • Rainessence.png Chromatic Phase Essence (무지개빛 차원의 정수) x7
      • Crack3.png
        Sticky Residue (확고한 차원의 균열) x5
        • Both items can be crafted.
    • Report back to Alice.
  4. Talk to Alice.
  1. Talk to Cameron.
  2. Talk to Alice.
    • Complete Cube once.
    • Report back to Alice.


AsS3-1.PNG Sky Breaker Level 41 (2 SP)
AsS3-2.PNG Lightning Dance Level 42 (2 SP)
AsS3-3.PNG Karma Level 43 (2 SP)
AsS3-4.PNG Rank 3 Special Move: Divine Light Level 44 (5 SP)


SP3-1.PNG Phase Armor Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-2.PNG Barrier Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-3.PNG Power Conditioning Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-4.PNG Aerial Death Technique Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-5.PNG Back Capture Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-6.PNG Gazelle Type Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-7.PNG Phase Force Detection Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-8.PNG Forced Phase Force Enhancement Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-9.PNG Critical Phase Force Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-10.PNG Transcendental Power Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-11.PNG Luck Buildup Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-12.PNG Chasing Instinct Level 41 (2 SP)

Character Passive : Special Agent


Great Nature

Mantra is enhanced and obtains the attribute of Machmantra with the following effects.
Recovery amount of Mantra increases and healing applies to all allies. Each time you succeed in Ksana, Phase Force recovers by 10% and MP by 5%.

Special Agent Promotion Exam

Level requirement: 67

  1. Talk to Alice (앨리스 와이즈맨) at Guro Station.
  2. Talk to Alice at Dimension Ops Center.
    • Clear Nightmare World (Horror / Terror) in Dimension Ops Center once.
  3. Talk to Alice at Dimension Ops Center.
    • Clear Promotion Test Program: Vites once.
  4. Talk to Celine at Dimension Ops Center.
    • Clear Promotion Test Program: Mephisto once.
  5. Talk to Celine at Dimension Ops Center.
    • Clear Promotion Test Program: Final Trial once.
  6. Talk to Alice at Dimension Ops Center.
    • Complete the following:
      • Clear Promotion Test Program: Final Trial once more.
      • Gather:
        • Crack3.png
          Sticky Residue (확고한 차원의 균열) x20
        • Bossdrop.png Alien Pressure Valve (반차원압 물질) x250
        • Rainessence.png Chromatic Phase Essence (무지개빛 차원의 정수) x200
    • Report back to Alice on Guro Station.


AsS4-1.PNG EX Asura's Descent Level 67 (3 SP)
AsS4-2.PNG EX Indra's Lightning Level 68 (3 SP)
AsS4-3.PNG EX Sky Breaker Level 69 (3 SP)
AsS4-4.PNG Rank 4 Special Move: Blessed Elixer Level 70 (6 SP)

Awakened Skills

AsS2-1.PNG Destructive Hit - Eternal Blaze Level 80
(Requires Farem/Fanto Core)
AsS2-2.PNG Skanda - Echoing Thunder Level 80
(Requires Purified Prisoner Trinket 3-set)
AsS2-5.PNG Lion's Roar - Earth Shaking Roar Level 80
(Requires Ominous Bird Desire Trinket 2-set)

Character Passive : Task Force


Good Fellas: Soma

The Task Force: Good Fellas was formed with Soma, Levia and Misteltein as a response to the incident in the phantasmal world. Taking into account of the experience and authority of these special agents, it was formed with the purpose of a deadly and swift response force.

The skill 'Good Fellas Formation: A' becomes available along with the swifter version 'Good Fellas Formation: A-Emergency Deployment'. These skills can be used to call upon the Good Fellas task force to perform a joint attack.

Additionally, performs a 'Good Fellas Impact' attack upon casting the trainee finishing move. The damage scales based on the level of 'Good Fellas Formation: A'.

Task Force Promotion Exam

Level requirement: 83

  1. Talk to Dr. Jung (정도연) on Dimension Ops Center.
  2. Talk to Count D at Phantasmal Theater: Clouded Theater.
  3. Talk to Magra at Phantasmal Theater: Clouded Theater.
    • Talk to Dogra and then Count D on Phantasmal Theater: Clouded Theater.
  4. Talk to Count D at Phantasmal Theater: Clouded Theater.
    • Clear Memorial Stage once.
  5. Talk to Count D at Phantasmal Theater: Clouded Theater.
  6. Talk to Count D at Phantasmal Theater: Clouded Theater twice.
  7. Talk to Count D at Phantasmal Theater: Clouded Theater twice.
  8. Talk to Count D at Phantasmal Theater: Clouded Theater.
    • Clear Bonding Stage once.
    • Talk to Count D at Phantasmal Theater: Clouded Theater.
  9. Talk to Count D at Phantasmal Theater: Clouded Theater.
    • Collect 10 drops from Bonding Stage. (2 drops per run)
    • Gather:
      • Crack3.png
        Sticky Residue (확고한 차원의 균열) x200
      • Rainessence.png Chromatic Phase Essence (무지개빛 차원의 정수) x200
      • HQ 401033 RESOURCE EPIC.PNG
        Amplified Dimensional Essence (증폭된 차원의 정수) x400
      • Bossdrop.png Alien Pressure Valve (반차원압 물질) x500
      • Dna.PNG
        Synchronization Gene (동기화 인자) x500
      • Redorb.PNG
        Dimension Core (차원의 핵) x500
  10. Talk to Count D at Phantasmal Theater: Clouded Theater.


GFS5-1.PNG Good Fellas Formation: A Level 83 (10 SP)
GFS5-2.PNG Good Fellas Formation: A-Emergency Deployment Level 83 (10 SP)


SP5-1.PNG Comprehensive Battle Training Level 42 (2 SP)
SP5-2.PNG Comprehensive Defense Training Level 42 (2 SP)
SP5-3.PNG Situational Response Training Level 42 (2 SP)
SP5-4.PNG Phase Force Training Level 42 (2 SP)
SP5-5.PNG Enhanced Luck Buildup Level 42 (2 SP)

Soma is a tonfa-wielding member of Wildhüter team, who harbors an intense hatred for dimensional monsters, and attacks them with endless hostility. Obsessed with the approval of others, Soma is driven by her need to see people smile, and lives for receiving praise for good work. Soma has joined the Wildhüters to defend the innocent…and bring the smiles back to their faces.

During the Dimensional War, numerous closers fought for their lives in the war against the Dimensionals. Of course, there had been many casualties, there are Medical staff who can cure them but the number of healing abilities were lacking. Union realized that they were desperately in need to obtain Drugs that could heal up wounds quickly. After the war, which was based in Germany. The Union's research study group was based on two-dimensional technology, with a strong force only for phase competitors to start working on creating an infant. After a long period of research, drugs had been made. By promoting the healing ability of the phase captain. It helps to heal any wounds or diseases in an instant. Omnipotence infant. That was Soma.

But Soma had a fatal problem. The phase captain who took Soma from that moment when it was already known for a fact he was losing his phase power, It was already too late. The phase captain who lost his phase power, it was his fate for the rest of his life. The study group found that the power and toxicity of the recovery was proven the cause of the problem they had inherited together. Thus, they wanted to filter the toxicity of Soma to create a 'filtration device'. After a few more years, They are finally able to make a human-like filtration device. It creates an artificial closer "SOMA".

Soma's blood has more blood compared to a normal person. and it has bit more black colour to it. This is because the blood "Liquor Soma", it has mixed with other substances. She is a living filter. As well as healing the wounds of people around you, you can also defeat your opponent by exerting his phase power. She is proud of her strength, she felt rewarded for devotion to people around her. However, she can not think that her life is precious, there was a tendency to commit to others unconditionally. To correct this, the research group invited teachers including Wolfgang, to let Soma be educated. To some extent by the teachings of Wolfgang to her better, but Soma still does not take her life very seriously. Just give your life to someone else. It is her mission to heal. Thinking and willing sacrifice myself away for others.

Healing from herself, taking away the threat of a dimensional. People start to smile. Every time Soma sees it she feels happy. This isn't the first time that happened to make people laugh with joy. When people smile, it feels the most rewarding aside from defeating the enemy. She's always active and optimistic, and she also likes to joke around. Even if a dimensional war is taking place, she would still like to joke at this age a few people would still laugh. But it has not been revealed yet why she became so obsessed with making others smiling.


  • Soma's dance emote is from Pocky Dance.
  • Soma is a Artificial Human made by UNION.
  • Soma's class name; Astra, is a reference to Hindu mythology.
    • In the Korean translation, each Rank 1 to 3 of her Special Moves uses a Astra Weapon name.
      • Āgneyāstra is the weapon discharged would emit flames inextinguishable through normal means.
      • Vasavi Shakti is a magical dart of Indra. .
      • Brahmaastra is a weapon which is said to be a single projectile charged with all the power of the universe.
    • Many of Soma's skills and skill cubes are also references to Hindu and Buddhism mythology.
  • When talking to humans, Soma would have a cheerful personality and always tried to be positive, however when talking to Dimensional monsters, Soma personality would shift to a extremely hostile mood.
    • Despite Victor's help, Soma would still be hostile to him.
  • Due to Anna's consciousness inside her, Soma does not have the ability to feel sad as that emotion is absorbed by Anna.
    • Soma regained the ability to cry and feel sad, after her consciousness fused with that of Anna.

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