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Main Stat: Psi Power
Closer from Team Wildhüter who uses the deadly claw, 'Sekhmet', as her weapon. Although she was born as the first artificial Closer, she quickly broke out of the laboratory, wandering and living alone in the streets. Having returned to UNION with Bai Winchester from Squad 1, she will now swing her claws to prove her existence.

Wildhuter.png Seth
Name FlagKR.png Seth (세트) / Sekhmet (세크메트)
Class Beast
Weapon Sekhmet (Claws)
Voice Actor FlagKR.png 여윤미 (Won Yun)
Task Force Queen of Heart (Unreleased)
Age 13 (Seth's Soul)
17 (Anna's Physical Body)
Birthday August 25th (Seth)
June 6th (Anna)
Weight 39kg
Height 142cm
Blood Type AB
Hobbies Reading a Picture Book
Personal Color Red
T/NA FlagKR.png December 20th, 2018
RA FlagKR.png December 27th, 2018
SA FlagKR.png March 28th, 2019

Combos & Special Movement

Combo Description
px px px px Slash enemies with claws 4 times.
px px px px px px Run foward and slash enemies with both claws. You may continue running after slashing.
px px Jump and slash enemies with claw.
px px px px Jump into the air and spin, damaging any enemies in your path.
px px px px When falling during a air-dash, you can dash forward.
Knocked Down px Recover from a knocked down state, knocking down nearby enemies.

Character Passive


Path of the Beast

Utilizing preternatural swiftness, all skills used on the ground will always trigger Air Strike.

Gains the [Beast's Fang] buff whenever cloaked with [Beast's Silhouette] from the [Feral Release] skill.

Can be stacked up to 6 times.

WHTeamIcon.png Teamwork

Main Article: Teamwork Skills
Seth teamwork skill increases Chase critical damage.



S0-1.png Empowered State: Seth Level 1 (2 SP)
Cancel.png Cancel: Seth Level 1 (2 SP)
Evade.png Combat Dodge Level 1 (1 SP)


BS1-1.PNG Horus' Onslaught Level 1 (2 SP)
BS1-2.PNG Nephthys' Grace Level 1 (2 SP)
BS1-3.PNG Anubis' Judgement Level 2 (2 SP)
BS1-4.PNG Feral Release Level 4 (2 SP)
BS1-5.PNG Rank 1 Special Move: Osiris' Mortality Level 7 (5 SP)

Character Passive : Novice Agent

Hidden Bonus

Psi Critical Damage +25%

Novice Agent Promotion Exam

Level requirement: 19

  1. Talk to Cameron (김가면) at Castle Garden.
  2. Talk to Alice (앨리스 와이즈맨) at Castle Garden.
  3. Talk to Alice.
  4. Gather Raindust.png Chromatic Phase Grain (무지개빛 차원의 티끌) x10
    • Report back to Alice.
  5. Talk to Alice.
    • Complete Sunset Castle on Skirmish Difficulty within 7:00 minutes or less.
    • Report back to Alice.
  6. Talk to Alice.
    • Complete Castle Garden on Skirmish Difficulty.
    • Report back to Alice.


BS2-1.PNG Serket's Stigma Level 21 (2 SP)
BS2-2.PNG Thoth's Estreat Level 22 (2 SP)
BS2-3.PNG Neith's Intervention Level 23 (2 SP)
BS2-4.PNG Rank 2 Special Move: Obelisk's Consecration Level 24 (5 SP)
BS2-5.PNG Bastet's Mercy Level 30 (3 SP)


SP2-1.PNG Basic Attack Training Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-2.PNG Reinforce Power Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-3.PNG Critical Blow Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-4.PNG Rate Manipulation Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-5.PNG Material Penetration Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-6.PNG Endurance Training Level 18 (2 SP)


Regular Agent Exam

Level requirement: 42

  1. Talk to Alice (앨리스 와이즈맨) at Abandoned Factory Skies.
  2. Talk to Alice at Abandoned Factory Skies.
    • Complete Cube once.
    • Report back to Alice.
  3. Talk to Alice.
    • Gather :
      • Rainessence.png Chromatic Phase Essence (무지개빛 차원의 정수) x7
      • Crack3.png
        Sticky Residue (확고한 차원의 균열) x5
        • Both items can be crafted.
    • Report back to Alice.
  4. Talk to Alice.
  1. Talk to Cameron.
  2. Talk to Alice.
    • Complete Cube once.
    • Report back to Alice.


BS3-1.PNG Apophis' Restraint Level 41 (2 SP)
BS3-2.PNG Isis' March Level 42 (2 SP)
BS3-3.PNG Medjed's Gaze Level 43 (2 SP)
BS3-4.PNG Rank 3 Special Move: Amun-Ra's Wrath Level 44 (5 SP)


SP3-1.PNG Phase Armor Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-2.PNG Barrier Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-3.PNG Power Conditioning Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-4.PNG Aerial Death Technique Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-5.PNG Back Capture Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-6.PNG Gazelle Type Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-7.PNG Phase Force Detection Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-8.PNG Forced Phase Force Enhancement Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-9.PNG Critical Phase Force Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-10.PNG Transcendental Power Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-11.PNG Luck Buildup Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-12.PNG Chasing Instinct Level 41 (2 SP)

Character Passive : Special Agent


Awakening Rage

Manifests the rage sleeping within Seth. [Beast's Fang] is enhanced to [Enraged Beast's Fang]. [Enraged Beast's Fang] can be stacked up to 6 times.

Special Agent Promotion Exam

Level requirement: 67

  1. Talk to Alice (앨리스 와이즈맨) at Guro Station.
  2. Talk to Alice at Dimension Ops Center.
    • Clear Nightmare World (Horror / Terror) in Dimension Ops Center once.
  3. Talk to Alice at Dimension Ops Center.
    • Clear Promotion Test Program: Vites once.
  4. Talk to Celine at Dimension Ops Center.
    • Clear Promotion Test Program: Mephisto once.
  5. Talk to Celine at Dimension Ops Center.
    • Clear Promotion Test Program: Final Trial once.
  6. Talk to Alice at Dimension Ops Center.
    • Complete the following:
      • Clear Promotion Test Program: Final Trial once more.
      • Gather:
        • Crack3.png
          Sticky Residue (확고한 차원의 균열) x20
        • Bossdrop.png Alien Pressure Valve (반차원압 물질) x250
        • Rainessence.png Chromatic Phase Essence (무지개빛 차원의 정수) x200
    • Report back to Alice on Guro Station.


BS4-1.PNG EX Horus' Onslaught Level 67 (3 SP)
BS4-2.PNG EX Nephthys' Grace Level 68 (3 SP)
BS4-3.PNG EX Anubis' Judgement Level 69 (3 SP)
BS4-4.PNG Rank 4 Special Move: The Ennead's Requiem Level 70 (6 SP)

Awakened Skills

BS2-2.PNG Thoth's Estreat - Thoth's Grimoire Level 80
(Requires Farem/Fanto Core)
BS3-1.PNG Apophis' Restraint - Cobra Grapple Level 80
(Requires Purified Prisoner Trinket 3-set)
BS2-5.PNG Bastet's Mercy - Bastet's Sistrum Level 80
(Requires Ominous Bird Desire Trinket 2-set)


There was a girl named ...
One whom did not have any parents nor know of this world.

One day, a voice continuously whispered in the child's head.

I will rip everything apart.
"Who are you?"
I will rip and break.. everything...
"Can't you hear my voice?"
"That's right... there's someone else other than myself."
"And for some reason... that is a relieving thought."
Because we are two and yet one.


  • Seth's dance emote is from Dura: Daddy Yanke Dance Challange.
  • Sekhmet's soul is transfused into Anna physical body after her creation failed.
    • Other then Anna, she dislikes people calling her Sekhmet and would tell them to call her Seth instead.
  • Her name Sekhmet is a reference to the warrior goddess as well as goddess of healing in Egyptian mythology.
    • The names of her skill are mostly derived from Egyptian mythology's gods, their movement and terrain.

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