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Default shortcut key: B

Pet translated interface
  • Pets can be brought along with you in town and dungeons.
  • Pets will provide additional buffs in dungeons.
  • For every dungeon play, it will earn EXP. (Dungeon level or type [special/training/DIM/basic] doesn't matter, even if it consumes no stamina).
  • Pet's AP(Hunger) is 10 for Egg and Teen stage and 11 for Mature stage.
  • AP will be decreased by 1 for each dungeon entry, and EXP can only be learned when there is AP.
  • It will automatically consume its food on 0 AP to heal back 10 AP if the pet food exist on your inventory.

※ To not allow it to eat food when its at 0 AP, keep the food in the storage.

  • While in Town, the pet will gain 1 AP per 10 minute.
  • Pet's maximum level is 50, and it will grow into a new form on certain levels. (Egg 0~15 / Teen 15~30 / Mature 30~50 )
  • When max level has been reached, it can't earn EXP anymore until its evolved into the next stage. (Costs items)
  • To evolve a pet, you need to reach the maximum current stage level and unsummon it.
  • Pets are not usable in PVP.
  • You can purchase pets except the starter ones (Wolfdog/Black Lamb) from the Union Store during their sale period or from other players through the black market.
  • Pet Food (영양 사료).


  • Talk to Blacklambs.png Song Euni or Wolfdog.png Trainer in Gangnam GGV.
  • Talk to Jeong Doyeon.
    • You may select either Black Lambs or Wolfdog pet. (Does not matter what team your current character is on)
    • You will receive 30 food and 3 name change coupons.

Current Pets

The following KR names are for the pet item that can be used to register the pet by right clicking it.

Egg stage:

Adult stage:

  • 에드거 펫의 성체 보관함 - Edgar adult stage
  • 엘런 펫의 성체 보관함 - Allen adult stage
  • 포 펫의 성체 보관함 - Poe adult stage
  • 펭귄 펫의 성체 보관함 - Penguin adult stage
  • 특경대 펫의 성체 보관함 - Officer adult stage
  • 송은이 펫의 성체 보관함 - Song Eunee adult stage
  • 미니 알라우네의 성체 보관함 - Alraune adult
  • 미니 A급 요원의 성체 보관함 - A-rank Closer (Kim Gitae) adult
  • 미니 마왕 이빛나의 성체 보관함 - Dark Lee Bitna adult
  • 미니 고양이 상인의 성체 보관함 - Mabinogi Duel adult

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