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Speciality : Magical Attack
A mid-range Closer who summons multiple spears at range to support his team and devastate his enemies. He showed promise from young age with outstanding Phase Potential. He is a mysterious boy who has been dispatched from UNION Europe Branch of Berlin to New Seoul to be together with Black Lambs.

Blacklambs.png Misteltein
Name Misteltein
Weapon Lance
Voice Actor FlagKR.png Ahn Hyeonseo (안현서)

FlagJP.png Takada Yuuki (高田 憂希)

Age 13
Birthday October 31st
Weight 38kg
Height 146cm
Blood Type B
T/I FlagKR.png February 13th, 2015
FlagID.png June 16th, 2016
OA FlagKR.png June 16th, 2016
FlagID.png June 23th, 2016
SA FlagKR.png August 3rd, 2017
FlagID.png March 22th, 2018

Combos & Special Movement

Combo Description
px px px px With his lance: Misteltein strikes downwards, stabs upwards, pierces forward, then performs a large swing overhead.
px px px Misteltein rams himself into the foe.
px px Misteltein preforms a large downards strike mid-air.
px px px px px Misteltein strikes upwards, then slams downwards.
Knocked Down px Recover from a knocked down state, knocking down nearby enemies.

Character Passive



When a skill with 'Magispear' in its name is used, Misteltein receives 'Magispear' buff.
The buff lasts 10s and will increase Misteltein's Total Magic Attack by 3.5%. (Can be stacked up to 3 times)


I'll go first!

Main Article: Teamwork Skills
Misteltein's Teamwork Skill increases Physical and Magical Defense Penetration Rate.


S0-1.png Phase Power Release : Misteltein Level 1 (2 SP)
Cancel.png Forced Cancel Level 1 (2 SP)
Evade.png Emergency Evasion Level 1 (1 SP)


LS1-1.PNG Lance Charging Level 1 (2 SP)
LS1-2.PNG Magicspear Midgard Level 1 (2 SP)
LS1-3.PNG Tornado Level 2 (2 SP)
LS1-4.PNG Release! Level 4 (2 SP)
LS1-5.PNG Finishing Move Gungnir Level 7 (5 SP)

Character Passive : Intern

Hidden Bonus

Cooldown Reduction +5%

Intern Promotion Exam

  1. Talk to Chae Miwoo (채미누) at Gangnam GGV.
    • Talk to Song Euni (송은이) at Gangnam GGV.
  2. Talk to Kim Yujeong (김유정) at Gangnam GGV.
    • Complete 1 run of 1-2 and 1-3 on Hard Difficulty
    • Report back to Kim Yujeong.
  3. Talk to Kim Yujeong.
    • Gather 10 Raindust.png Rainbow-colored Dimensional Dust (무지개빛 차원의 티끌)
    • Report back to Kim Yujeong.
  4. Talk to Kim Yujeong.
    • Complete 1 run of 1-4 on Hard Difficulty with A Rank or higher.
    • Complete 1 run of 1-5 on Hard Difficulty within 8:00 or less.
    • Report back to Chae Miwoo.
  5. Talk to Chae Miwoo.
    • Complete 1 run of 1-6 on Hard Difficulty.
    • Report back to Kim Yujeong.


LS2-1.PNG Lance Cruising Level 21 (2 SP)
LS2-2.PNG Magicspear Muspelheim Level 22 (2 SP)
LS2-3.PNG Mjölnir Level 23 (2 SP)
LS2-4.PNG Finishing Move Ragnarok Level 24 (5 SP)
LS2-5.PNG Fenrir! Level 30 (3 SP)


SP2-1.PNG Basic Attack Training Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-2.PNG Attack Strengthening Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-3.PNG Fatal Strike Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-4.PNG Probability Manipulation Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-5.PNG Matter Penetration Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-6.PNG Resilience Training Level 18 (2 SP)

Official Agent Exam

  1. Talk to Kim Yujeong (김유정) at G Tower Rooftop.
    • Complete Cube once.
    • Report back to Kim Yujeong.
  2. Talk to Kim Yujeong.
    • Gather :
      • Rainessence.png 7 Rainbow-colored Dimensional Essence (무지개빛 차원의 정수)
      • Crack3.png 5 Unyielding Dimensional Fissure (확고한 차원의 균열)
        • Both items can be crafted.
    • Report to Han Seokbong (한석봉) at (Old) Guro Station.
  3. Talk to Han Seokbong.
  4. Talk to Woo Jeongmi.
    • Complete 1 run of 3-S.
    • Report to Kim Yujeong at G Tower Rooftop.
  5. Talk to Kim Yujeong.
    • Complete Cube 1 time.
    • Report back to Kim Yujeong.


LS3-1.PNG Magicspear Niflheim Level 41 (2 SP)
LS3-2.PNG Follow Me! Level 42 (2 SP)
LS3-3.PNG Lævateinn Level 43 (2 SP)
LS3-4.PNG Finishing Move Valhalla's Courtyard Level 44 (5 SP)


SP3-1.PNG Phase Armor Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-2.PNG Barrier Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-3.PNG Power Conditioning Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-4.PNG Aerial Death Technique Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-5.PNG Back Capture Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-6.PNG Gazelle Type Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-7.PNG Phase Penetration Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-8.PNG Forced Phase Strengthening Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-9.PNG Fatal Phase Power Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-10.PNG Transcendent Force Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-11.PNG Compiling Coincidences Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-12.PNG Tracking Instinct Level 41 (2 SP)

Character Passive : Special Agent


Acquired Constitution Improvement

When Magispear skills are used thrice, Einherjar Mode will activate, enhancing next Magispear skill cast.

Enhanced Magispear lasts for 15 seconds, with enhanced buff area, damage, and buff effect. Enhanced Magispear does not dissipate by casting Release.

Fenrir will not be enhanceable.

  • Human’s Will

Critical Damage +10%(+1% per skill level) Heal 25% HP, MP.

  • Scorched Lands

For all hostile NPCs: Received Damage +5%(+0.25% per skill level) Physical/Magical Damage -20% Critical Damage Resist -25%

  • Wintry Spirit

Additional Damage on Phase Release +10% Recover 25% Phase Power All hostile NPCs’ Movement Speed -70%

All buff/debuff effects will be in effect throughout the whole map. Recovery effects won’t be available in PVP.

Special Agent Promotion Exam

Level requirement: 67

  1. Talk to Song Euni on Lamb's Keeper Bridge
  2. Clear any dungeon in Tiamat Operations Center 6 times
    • Talk to Oh Serin at Tiamat Operations Center
  3. Clear Advancement Training Program : Vites 3 times
    • Talk to Oh Serin at Tiamat Operations Center
  4. Clear Advancement Training Program : Mephisto once
    • Talk to Oh Serin at Tiamat Operations Center
  5. Clear Advancement Training Program : Final Trial 5 times
    • Talk to Oh Serin at Tiamat Operations Center
  6. Complete the following:
    • Clear Advancement Training Program : Final Trial 2 times
    • Gather:
      • Crack3.png 20 Unyielding Dimensional Fissure (확고한 차원의 균열)
      • Bossdrop.png 250 Trans-Dimensional Pressure Material (반차원압 물질)
      • Rainessence.png 500 Rainbow-colored Dimensional Essence (무지개빛 차원의 정수)
    • Talk to Kim Yoojeong on Lamb's Keeper Bridge


LS4-1.PNG Unreleased Level 67 (3 SP)
LS4-2.PNG Unreleased Level 68 (3 SP)
LS4-3.PNG Unreleased Level 69 (3 SP)
LS4-4.PNG Unreleased Level 70 (5 SP)

Misteltein is the youngest ever Closer agent admitted into UNION. Since birth, Misteltein has had extremely potent psychic powers.
Due to this, the UNION has had an eye on him for a long time.
He was transferred from Berlin's UNION branch to New Seoul's UNION branch to join the Black Lambs.

Once upon a time...
There was a god. Nothing could kill this god.
But then a single spear lead to the death of this god which nothing could kill.

Then could this spear have been nothing?
The spear's name was Misteltein.

That's the name of this spear which is nothing.

-Research Log #296-
Something surprising has happened.
Sample B, that didn't react to any stimulus so far,
Suddenly opened its eyes and started walking.
Another important fact that should be noted is that,
Soon as sample B opened its eyes, it said a single word in German.
That word was <Mission>.


That is your name. And we are your grandfathers.
Mother? Father? Siblings? You don't need any of those.
All you need is us, your grandfathers.

And this is a present for you.
It's a spear that has the same name as you.

UNION Germany Branch order No.32,931

This is an order for temporary agent Misteltein.
This order revokes the previous order No.32,930

Instead of Germany branch's hunting guard team,
you are be assigned as member of the newly formed team in Korea's UNION New Seoul branch.

Carry out the order. This is your <Mission>.

"Listen carefully Misteltein. Soon... I'll be dead.
Your other grandfathers will meddle with your brain to make you forget the fact that I died. It's okay, it's fine if you forget me.
Because since I betrayed them, I'm not your grandfather anymore.
But, don't forget this one thing. No matter what anyone says, even your other grandfathers. You... are not a weapon. You are a human.

I'm sorry that I couldn't stop the misfortune that will come upon you....
I hope.... at least, you'd meet good guardians and friends in the place you go next...

I love you, Mistel."

Nice to meet you. So you are Misteltein?
I'm UNION New Seoul Branch's Chief of agent management department, David Lee.
Welcome to New Seoul, and to your new team.
Hm? Our team's name?

It's called <Black Lambs>.
That team is now your new <Mission>.

"And so, Misteltein who was nothing,
to deny the fact that he was nothing,
to prove that he was a hunter, and also a human,
appeared at the hunting ground with his spear that had the same name as him.

"I'm Misteltein..."

He raised his spear.
"We're Misteltein..."

The spear that will be broken eventually.
"Our mission is...."

Misteltein...Misteltein...wake up...come on, with me...that is our mission...


  • Misteltein's dance emote is a slightly modified version of Melancholic (C.S. Port rearrange)'s dance.
    • His 100 Day Anniversary dance is the female dance.
  • Misteltein was released in Korea on Friday the 13th.
  • Misteltein is considered the mascot of Black Lambs.
  • Misteltein is also the name of Misteltein's Lance.
  • Misteltein's Lance names are from Norse mythology:
  • His background story is considered the 'Biggest Cliffhanger,' similar to J.
    • Misteltein is known as Sample B, possibly an experiential human.
    • In Closer's promotion videos, events pages and wallpaper etc, Misteltein always shown to be together with J. Many fans believe that is it possible that Misteltein is a clone and created by J's lost phase power. In the present time, Misteltein is 13 years old and J is around 30~35 years old. J lost his phase power around 18 years ago before the end of the Dimensional War. Also, both Misteltein and J's melee skills are almost identical.(Lance Charging and Calcium Charging, Tornado and Chiropractic).
  • In the game, most of the characters confuse Misteltein for a girl.
    • Misteltein's Trainee/Intern Clothes were originally intended for a female: The creator mistook Misteltein for a female when he saw Misteltein's image and gave him a skirt.
    • Both Kim Yujeong and Song Euni were shocked when Misteltein called the two 'nuna' (누나, name for older sister when you are male).
    • Kim Yujeong mentions that she wants to see him wearing a skirt for once.
    • In cash shop, Misteltein can use both male/female hair avatar.
      • Misteltein is the only male that has a maid uniform for his Housekeeper Set. The 2016 April Fools costume was maid set for all males, however.
    • Han Seokbong said that Misteltein has fans, but he doesn't know why the fans are all 'guys'.
    • Park Simhyeon said that "Nobody cares your combat skills. Everyone only expects you to wear a 'pretty clothes' and run around."
  • Misteltein's Japanese voice actress is originally Tsuda Minami, but it was changed to Takada Yuuki on October 2017 with consideration for an anime adaptation.

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