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WIP. Here is guide on forums, it is a bit outdated, but it's usable: http://closershq.com/Discussion-General-Gear-Tuning

Overclock equalizer (tuning reset):

Overclock equalizer Lv61~70: 하이클럭 이퀄라이저(Lv.61~70)
Overclock equalizer Lv51~60: 하이클럭 이퀄라이저(Lv.51~60)
Overclock equalizer Lv41~50: 하이클럭 이퀄라이저(Lv.41~50)
Overclock equalizer Lv21~40: 하이클럭 이퀄라이저(Lv.21~40)
Overclock equalizer Lv1~20: 하이클럭 이퀄라이저(Lv.1~20)

Overclock tuning component(tuning item):

Overclock equalizer Lv61~70: 하이클럭 튜닝 컴포넌트(Lv.61~70)
Overclock equalizer Lv51~60: 오버클럭 튜닝 컴포넌트(Lv.51~60)
Overclock equalizer Lv41~50: 고출력 튜닝 컴포넌트(Lv.41~50)
Overclock equalizer Lv21~40: 보급형 튜닝 컴포넌트(Lv.21~40)
Overclock equalizer Lv1~20: 저출력 튜닝 컴포넌트(Lv.1~20)

You may only get 1 of each stat when you tune
Example: If you have B Rank Physical Critical Rate tuning, you can no longer get anymore Physical Critical Rate tunes on that piece of equipment

And even if there is Physical or Magical variant, you can only get 1 of them.
Exmaple: If you have B Rank Physical Critical Rate tuning, you can no longer get Magical Critical Rate tuning.

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Modes Mechanics System Equipment Costume General Story Etc.

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