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Rare Costumes

Rare costumes are currently the highest grade of costume available in Closers. It's a set of costume that is composed of 10 pieces, and it will grant change in the character illustration, voice, and dungeon entrance/finish animation. Info: http://closershq.com/Discussion-Information-about-Rare-Costume-Splendor-of-Darkness


In order to obtain Rare Costumes, a player must merge costumes together.

There are few requirements to merging:

  • Have the item "Synchro Fiber" (싱크로 섬유), which can be bought from the cash shop for 900 NX. It can also be bought from the Black Market by players who has bought them to sell, and it available for relatively cheap price.
  • Have two 2-star costume pieces or two 3-star costume pieces.
    • One costume must be your own character's, while the other can be any character's.
    • The rank of the costumes must be the same in order to merge.
    • The slot of the costumes must be the same in order to merge.
      • For example, shoes can only be merged with shoes, and and weapon can only be merged with weapons.
  • OPTIONAL: A "Phase Trade Silk" (위상 트레이드 실크) can be used in the merging process to pass down the tuning option of the 3 star base costume.

When "Synchro Fiber" is used (right-clicked), the user is taken to a Costume Merging interface.

First right-click the base costume that you want to use. As merging is only possible for your own character, the base costume must be for your own character. After that, costumes that can be used as materials pop up on the right. This costume that you use as material for the base can be for any other character; it doesn't have to be your own character's costume.

Depending on the rank of the costume, the merge success rate will be different:

2-star merging rate: 10% 3-star merging rate: 75% (100% during the week of release)

If the merging is successful, the player will be granted the 3-piece costume piece of the part that they have merged. If the merging is unsuccessful, the player will be given a choice between two costumes to keep: the original base material, or a random costume with the same category (shoe, top, etc.) as the base material for the character.

Confirmed Random Costume

  • Street Hip Hop
  • Housekeeper
  • Skyward Hero (Monkey Magic) (C)
  • Saboli (C)
  • Union Academy (A)

Visual Changes

When the 6-piece set is complete, the idle animation for the character in Town areas is changed. You will also be able to use the special emoticon of the character sitting on a throne by typing /왕좌 or using the emoticon.

When the 10-piece set is complete, the character illustration will be replaced with the unique illustration for the Rare Costume. This affects the character portrait on the UI, Loading screen, PVP match, and skill cut-in. It will also change the dungeon entrance/finish animation, while also changing the voice of the character to suit the theme of the Rare Costume.


Although the Rare Costumes have the exact same set effect as any other 3-star costume sets, they have an additional set effect if the 10-piece set is complete.

  • Rare Costume Set Effect (10/10):
    • Physical Crit Damage +35%, Magical Crit Damage +35%, OA/OC Finishing Move +2

-Do note that while you need 10 pieces to get the set effect, it doesn't have to be of the same set. (ie: 6/6 SoD + 4/4 Cybernetic OR 6/6 SoD + 3/4 SoD + 1/4 Cybernetic will still grant you bonus stats, however, they will not grant you their specific set effect (illustration/emote/voice etc..) )

Temporary Name List

사이버네틱 = Cybernetic

Insert the character's name in the XXX for your character's costume.

(Seha = 이세하, Seulbi = 이슬비, Yuri = 서유리, J = 제이, Tein = 미스틸, Nata = 나타, Levia = 레비아, Harpy = 하피, Tina = 티나, 바이올렛 = Violet)

-Splendor of Darkness:

  • XXX 응축된 암흑의 광휘 헤어 = (Name) Splendor of Darkness Hair
  • XXX 응축된 암흑의 광휘 상의 = (Name) Splendor of Darkness Top
  • XXX 응축된 암흑의 광휘 하의 = (Name) Splendor of Darkness Bottom
  • XXX 응축된 암흑의 광휘 장갑 = (Name) Splendor of Darkness Gloves
  • XXX 응축된 암흑의 광휘 신발 = (Name) Splendor of Darkness Shoes
  • XXX 응축된 암흑의 광휘 무기 = (Name) Splendor of Darkness Weapon


  • XXX 사이버네틱 헤어 = (Name) Cybernetic Hair
  • XXX 사이버네틱 상의 = (Name) Cybernetic Top
  • XXX 사이버네틱 하의 = (Name) Cybernetic Bottom
  • XXX 사이버네틱 장갑 = (Name) Cybernetic Gloves
  • XXX 사이버네틱 신발 = (Name) Cybernetic Shoes
  • XXX 사이버네틱 무기 = (Name) Cybernetic Weapon

-Splendor of Darkness:

  • 응축된 암흑의 광휘 서클릿 = Splendor of Darkness Circlet
  • 응축된 암흑의 광휘 날개 = Splendor of Darkness Wings
  • 응축된 암흑의 광휘 아이라인 문신 = Splendor of Darkness Eye Line Tattoo
  • 응축된 암흑의 광휘 눈동자 = Splendor of Darkness Eyes


  • 사이버네틱 기동 부스터 = Cybernetic Startup Booster
  • 사이버네틱 코드넘버 문신 = Cybernetic Code N° Tattoo
  • 사이버네틱 헤드셋 = Cybernetic Headset
  • 사이버네틱 홀로그램 렌즈 = Cybernetic Holographic Lenses

★Note that all the items have a tag [레어] at the end (simply meaning "Rare"), but the item should popup without the tag.

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