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Costume Fibers

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Fibers are items obtained through various methods, and used primarily for upgrading/tuning costume.
There are 3 types of Fibers:

  • Fiber1.png Common Phase Fibers (흔한 위상 섬유)
  • Fiber2.png Advanced Phase Fibers (고급 위상 섬유)
  • Fiber3.png Brilliant Phase Fibers (찬란한 위상 섬유)

Obtaining Fibers


Dismantling costume will produce Phase Fibers:

  • 1-star costumes will produce Common Phase Fibers Fiber1.png
  • 2-star costumes will produce Advanced Phase Fibers Fiber2.png
  • 3-star costumes will produce Brilliant Phase Fibers Fiber3.png

The amount you receive will depend on the costume item type:

Hair Top Bottom Glove Shoe Weapon
(Boss Drop)
(Boss Drop)
33 30 30 19 19 30 5 30 2
44 40 40 25 24 40 40 30 30
40 40 40 40

Union Watch

Main Article: Union Watch
Upon completion of all Union Watch Daily Quests, you will receive a Lucky Phase Token: Dailytoken.png
One of the many items you may craft with Lucky Phase Tokens are Phase Fibers.
You may craft Common Phase Fibers x5 with Lucky Phase Tokens x2, or Advanced Phase Fibers x5 with Lucky Phase Tokens x8.

Interdimensional Material Conversion

Main Article: Interdimensional Material Conversion
From use of Material Conversion, you may receive Advanced Phase Fibers or Brilliant Phase Fibers.

Two Dimensional Gel

You will have 100% chance to obtain Two Dimensional Gel (Gachagel.png) as additional reward with every use of Material Conversion.
One of the items you may craft with Two Dimensional Gel (이차원의 겔) are Advanced Phase Fibers. (1 Gel for 5 Fibers)


In order to Upgrade costume, you must go to Jung Doyeon and select S option:
Then you will need your costume piece and Phase Fibers:

  • From 1-Star to 2-Star, you need to use Common Phase Fiber.
  • From 2-Star to 3-Star, you need to use Advanced Phase Fiber.

The amount required for upgrade depends on the costume's item type:

Hair Top Bottom Glove Shoe Weapon Accessory
1-Star to 2-Star
80 70 70 50 50 70 60
2-Star to 3-Star
170 150 150 90 90 150 110

There is 100% chance to succeed enhancement from 1-Star to 2-Star, however, the chance of 2-Star to 3-Star is only 75%.
Should enhancement fail, only Phase Fibers will be destroyed.

Costumes that Cannot Be Upgraded

  • Timed costumes
  • Visual costumes (costumes bought in the last tab of the Package section of the Union Store)
  • All costumes and accessories obtained from event
    • KR: Sporty Look, Irina


Tuning items:

3* Tuning: 영롱한 주얼 컴포넌트
2* Tuning: 빛나는 주얼 컴포넌트
1* Tuning: 평범한 주얼 컴포넌트

Tuning reset items:

3* Tuning reset: 영롱한 주얼 이퀄라이저
2* Tuning reset: 빛나는 주얼 이퀄라이저
1* Tuning reset: 평범한 주얼 이퀄라이저

Gameplay Items Other
Modes Mechanics System Equipment Costume General Story Etc.

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