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Circle is system similar to Guilds, where you can establish a small community.
You may create a circle by talking to Kim Yujeong in Singang High School and paying ??? Credits.

May Circle Update

  • Weekly & Daily Quests have been added.
  • Daily quests award Reputation Points (Yellow) & Activity Points (Gray).
  • Weekly quests aware Activity Points (Gray) & other rewards.
  • Daily quests reset everyday at 4:00AM KST.
  • Weekly quests reset every Saturday at 4:00AM KST.
  • Daily & Weekly quests are shared by all circle members.
  • You may receive a new Daily quest by completing the quest & paying 500,000 CR.
  • Reputation Points are used to level up areas.
    • When an area is leveled up, the credit & EXP rate increases.
  • Activity Points are used to buy items from Black Market Mascot.
    • Items include, but may not be limited to: Circle Emote, Circle Emote, Circle Title, Circle Title, Strawberry Cookie (10% HP/MP Recovery)
  • 1 new circle hangout has been released.
  • 3 new circle mascots have been released.
  • Rank names have been adjusted.
  • Rank privileges have been adjusted.
  • Note that all pre-existing members have had their ranks have reset.

Circle Menu

To open Circle Menu, click on Circlebutton.png or press the L button.




You may level up circle by acquiring circle experience and collecting credits through donations. You will gain ? experience for every ??? circle members preform.
Even if the circle has all the requirements for leveling up, the circle may not level up until the Chairman turns in the requirements via circle menu. Upon leveling up, the circle will receive increased member space.

Level EXP to Next Level CR to Next Level Member Slots
1 5000 500,000 20
2 10000 600,000 25
3 20000 700,000 30
4 40000 800,000 35
5 - - 40


Rank Privileges
Newbie  ?
Regular  ?
Medium  ?
Vice Chairman  ?
  • Able to change ranks
  • Able to create Circle Hangout
  • Able to furnish Circle Hangout
  • Able to change circle Message
  • Able to level up circle
  • Able to invite members to circle
  • Able to expel members from circle
  • Able to disband circle
  • Able to pass Chairman to another member

Circle Hangout

Main Article: Circle Hangout

Circle Union Arena Rewards

When you're in a party with circle members and perform 3v3, you will get points. Points reset at Saturday, 4AM.
10 points per win, 5 points per loss.

240 10 Resurrection Pill Package
1200 10 Resurrection Pill Package + 3x Crystal Malek Statues
2400 10 Resurrection Pill Package + 3x Crystal Malek Statues + Green Box
4800 10 Resurrection Pill Package + 3x Crystal Malek Statues + Green Box + Costume Fiber Box
7200 10 Resurrection Pill Package + 3x Crystal Malek Statues + Green Box + Costume Fiber Box + Red Box


Upon leaving or being expelled from a circle, you must wait 24 hours before joining or creating a new one.

Gameplay Items Other
Modes Mechanics System Equipment Costume General Story Etc.

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