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Main Stat: Physical / Psi Power
Closer of Wildhüter who uses the Blade of the Ice, which has the power of Dimensionals imbued into it. After a certain incident, Bai joins UNION with conviction to save who is important to her, fighting Dimensionals in her way. Creating alluring forms of ice together with the sword skills of her clan of assassins, she will now work not as an assassin, but as Closer who protects the people.

Wildhuter.png Bai
Name FlagKR.png Bai Winchester (파이 윈체스터)
Class Mystic
Weapon Blade of the Ice (Jian)
Voice Actor FlagKR.png Yoon Eunseo(윤은서)
Age 20
Birthday September 9th, 2001
Weight 54kg
Height 168cm
Blood Type AB
Hobbies Meditation, Making handicrafts
T/NA FlagKR.png July 19th, 2018
RA FlagKR.png July 26th, 2018
SA FlagKR.png August 16th, 2018

Combos & Special Movement

Combo Description
px px px px Unsheathe the Blade of the Ice and slash enemies with both the Jian and scabbard in quick succession. Will be moved forward a fair distance and sheathe the Jian at the end.
pxpx px px px px Run foward, unsheathe the Blade of the Ice and rush through enemies with both the Jian and scabbard. Finish with a kick and sheathe the Jian at the end.
px px Jumps and attack downwards.
pxpx px px px Jump into the air and attack enemies with the Blade of the Ice.
Knocked Down px Recover from a knocked down state, knocking down nearby enemies.

Character Passive


Ice-cold Assassin

Utilize the assassin clan’s sword skills, with Phase Force.

  • 30% of Air Strike, Back Attack and Chase bonus will be added onto Air Strike, Back Attack and Chase Critical bonus.

WHTeamIcon.png Teamwork

I won't disappoint!

Main Article: Teamwork Skills
Increases Back Attack Crit Damage.



S0-1.png Empowered State: Bai Level 1 (2 SP)
Cancel.png Cancel: Bai Level 1 (2 SP)
Evade.png Combat Dodge Level 1 (1 SP)


MS1-1.PNG Piercing Point Level 1 (2 SP)
MS1-2.PNG Approaching Slash Level 1 (2 SP)
MS1-3.PNG Icicle Throw Level 2 (2 SP)
MS1-4.PNG Freeze! Level 4 (2 SP)
MS1-5.PNG Rank 1 Special Move: Flaunting Dance Level 7 (5 SP)

Character Passive : Novice Agent

Hidden Bonus

Air Strike / Back Attack / Chase Critical Damage +10%

Novice Agent Promotion Exam

Level requirement: 19

  1. Talk to Alice (앨리스 와이즈맨) at UNION Division HQ.
  2. Talk to Jaeri Kim (김재리) at UNION Division HQ.
  3. Talk to Jaeri.
  4. Gather Raindust.png Chromatic Phase Grain (무지개빛 차원의 티끌) x10
    • Report back to Jaeri.
  5. Talk to Jaeri.
    • Complete HQ Defense on Skirmish Difficulty within 7:00 minutes or less.
    • Report back to Jaeri.
  6. Talk to Jaeri.


MS2-1.PNG Spreading Swords Level 21 (2 SP)
MS2-2.PNG Momentary Penetration Level 22 (2 SP)
MS2-3.PNG Draw, Slash Level 23 (2 SP)
MS2-4.PNG Rank 2 Special Move: Dancing with the Winds Level 24 (5 SP)
MS2-5.PNG Freezing Tears Level 30 (3 SP)


SP2-1.PNG Basic Attack Training Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-2.PNG Reinforce Power Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-3.PNG Critical Blow Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-4.PNG Rate Manipulation Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-5.PNG Material Penetration Level 18 (2 SP)
SP2-6.PNG Endurance Training Level 18 (2 SP)

Regular Agent Exam

Level requirement: 42

  1. Talk to Jaeri Kim (김재리) at UNION Division HQ.
  2. Talk to Jaeri Kim at UNION Division HQ.
    • Complete Cube once.
    • Report back to Jaeri Kim.
  3. Talk to Jaeri Kim.
    • Gather :
      • Rainessence.png Chromatic Phase Essence (무지개빛 차원의 정수) x7
      • Crack3.png
        Sticky Residue (확고한 차원의 균열) x5
        • Both items can be crafted.
    • Report back to Jaeri Kim.
  4. Talk to Jaeri Kim.
  5. Talk to Celine.
    • Complete 1 run of Sky Ship Bridge on Skirmish Difficulty.
    • Report to Jaeri Kim .
  6. Talk to Jaeri Kim.
    • Complete Cube once.
    • Report back to Jaeri Kim.


MS3-1.PNG Pouncing Slash Level 41 (2 SP)
MS3-2.PNG Last Breath Level 42 (2 SP)
MS3-3.PNG Howl, Blade Level 43 (2 SP)
MS3-4.PNG Rank 3 Special Move: Sound Rending Level 44 (5 SP)


SP3-1.PNG Phase Armor Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-2.PNG Barrier Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-3.PNG Power Conditioning Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-4.PNG Aerial Death Technique Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-5.PNG Back Capture Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-6.PNG Gazelle Type Level 42 (2 SP)
SP3-7.PNG Phase Force Detection Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-8.PNG Forced Phase Force Enhancement Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-9.PNG Critical Phase Force Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-10.PNG Transcendental Power Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-11.PNG Luck Buildup Level 41 (2 SP)
SP3-12.PNG Chasing Instinct Level 41 (2 SP)


Character Passive : Special Agent



Upon receiving damage and being stunned or knocked back, Bai's phase powers instinctively activates and protects her from imminent danger. Instantly recovers her posture and temporarily enters invulnerable state. Recovers 25% HP, MP and phase power upon activation.

Regression enters a 40s cooldown upon activation.

Special Agent Promotion Exam

Level requirement: 67

  1. Talk to Alice (앨리스 와이즈맨) at Guro Station.
  2. Talk to Alice at Dimension Ops Center.
    • Clear Nightmare World (Horror / Terror) in Dimension Ops Center once.
  3. Talk to Alice at Dimension Ops Center.
    • Clear Promotion Test Program: Vites once.
  4. Talk to Celine at Dimension Ops Center.
    • Clear Promotion Test Program: Mephisto once.
  5. Talk to Celine at Dimension Ops Center.
    • Clear Promotion Test Program: Final Trial once.
  6. Talk to Alice at Dimension Ops Center.
    • Complete the following:
      • Clear Promotion Test Program: Final Trial once more.
      • Gather:
        • Crack3.png
          Sticky Residue (확고한 차원의 균열) x20
        • Bossdrop.png Alien Pressure Valve (반차원압 물질) x250
        • Rainessence.png Chromatic Phase Essence (무지개빛 차원의 정수) x200
    • Report back to Alice on Guro Station.


MS4-1.PNG EX Piercing Point Level 67 (3 SP)
MS4-2.PNG EX Approaching Slash Level 68 (3 SP)
MS4-3.PNG EX Icicle Throw Level 69 (3 SP)
MS4-4.PNG Rank 4 Special Move: Snow White Level 70 (6 SP)

Awakened Skills

MS2-3.PNG Draw, Slash - Shrouding in Frost Level 80
(Requires Farem/Fanto Core)
MS2-2.PNG Momentary Penetration - Breaking Point Level 80
(Requires Purified Prisoner Trinket 3-set)
MS2-5.PNG Freezing Tears - Ice Dragon's Descent Level 80
(Requires Ominous Bird Desire Trinket 2-set)


April 2nd.

Today, Xue bought glasses from a merchant that came to the village.

Grandmother told Xue that they suit her, and praised her.

Because she was wearing them for the first time, Xue looked quite dizzy.
I was surprised that a genius like Xue couldn't do it.

I really, really like Xue for the way she is.

May 13th.

Our clan is one that boasts having a long history of assassination.

If a king were to do bad things, then our clan would secretly pay him a visit.

Although we do not partake in assassination anymore due to the change of times,
me and Xue train vigorously so that our skills will be passed on to the future.

I'm going to work hard to catch up to Xue!

September 9th.

We are a prodigy and a mediocrity born on the same day. On the same day we will dance upon the stage.

Even when I had awakened to the Phase Force, I was never able to beat you.

15th birthday. Getting to be the official successor.
Congratulations, prodigy of the clan.

If it wasn't for that weird sword, would our fates have changed?

July 15th.

The ice that has imprisoned Xue still has not melted to this day. Every time I look at the mirror, I see her crimson eyes.

It's all my fault for being jealous of the genius. I had made her that way. I had imprisoned the genius of the clan with my own hands.

Xue, how can I possibly atone for my sins to you? I'm not even able to properly be your replacement.

I feel like you are being reflected in these crimson eyes.

Please, come back, Xue. Please...

July 16th.

Xue, it's been 5 years since you've been imprisoned in that ice. Even the summer heat cannot seem to melt the time that imprisons us both.

I've become an adult, yet you're still trapped to the time back then. I wonder when this disparity in time will ever end...

I'm sorry, Xue. I think I'm going to travel far out. I'm going to go to this place called UNION in the outside world.

I've heard that it's the place that knows best about Phase Power and this weird sword that you picked up.

I'm sorry, Xue. Please just hold on for a little more. I will find a way to save you, no matter what it takes.


  • Bai's dance emote is from Hoshino Gen's Koi Dance.
  • Bai (白) in chinese means white.
    • The Blade of the Ice also has the chinese character 白 on it.
  • Bai sister is named Xue whose chinese name would be (雪 Xuě). Put together the names would be "Snow White".
  • Bai's clan thought of passing skills down their descendants more than anything, so it didn't matter for them to keep their last name throughout. And therefore, her clan didn't even hesitate from bringing outsiders in, if the outsider was strong and competent enough, because that would mean that they would be giving birth to stronger descendants.
    • Bai's name changed from her grandfather's line, when apparently they brought in a Westerner, and followed the Westerner's last name.

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