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Ruined Stormy Road

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Boss Drops

Image Name (KR) Equipment Type Item Level Crafting Material For Drop Rate
LightBlueBooster1.PNG Sealed Justice Seeker Booster Module (Booster) 52 Justice Seeker Booster Very Common
OrangeRingA1.PNG Sealed Holy Grail Destroyer Ring Shield (Ring) 52 Holy Grail Destroyer Ring Very Common
YellowRingA1.PNG Sealed Soul Collector Ring Shield (Ring) 52 Soul Collector Ring Very Common
BlueNecklaceB1.PNG Sealed Devil's Splendor Amulet Shield (Necklace) 52 Ghost Dancer Ring Very Common
GreenTube1.PNG Sealed Phantom Singer ? Module (Tube) 52 Phantom Singer ? Very Common
GreenRingA1.PNG Sealed Phantom Singer Ring Shield (Ring) 52 Phantom Singer Ring Very Common

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