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Private Sector Exterior

Monsters · Boss · Tips and Details · Rare Drops · Music
Recon (Easy) Lv 58 ~ 59  
Patrol (Normal) Lv 58 ~ 59  
Skirmish (Hard) Lv 59 ~ 60  
Assualt (Very Hard) Lv 62 ~ 63  




Image Name & Description
A5-sym.png Symbiotic


  • Tackle
  • Lunge - Symbiotic retreats back a bit, then lunges forward.
  • Twirl - Upon knockdown, Symbiotic will twirl while getting up, hitting all nearby foes.
A5-poisonsym.png Poisonous Symbiotic


  • Spit Poison - Poisonous Symbiotic spits poison onto the floor, leaving a poisonous puddle that will inflict DoT when stepped on.
  • Poisonous Road - Poisonous Symbiotic retreats a bit, then lunges forward, leaving a trail of poison behind him, which will inflict DoT when stepped on.
  • Twirl - Upon knockdown, Poisonous Symbiotic will twirl while getting up, hitting all nearby foes.
A5-reaper.png Android Reaper


  • Combo - Android Reaper strikes player(s) with his scythe twice.
  • Lightning Strikes - Android Reaper preforms a wide slash with his scythe. Afterwards, 3 lightning strikes will follow and fall down onto the player(s).
A5-briplasma.png Brigade Plasma Artillery


  • Beam
  • Strong Beam
File:A5-briassault.png Brigade Assault


  • Shooting - Brigade Assault quickly shoots several bullets.
  • Reload & Shoot - In Super Armor state, Brigade Assault reloads magazine, then shoots many bullets.
  • Explosive Shot - Brigade Assault launches an explosive shot upwards. When the shot hits the ground, it will explode.
  • Back Attack - Brigade Assault rolls behind player(s) and slices with his knife
  • Place Bomb - Brigade Assault places a bomb that will initiate countdown before releasing a spraying explosion. (This attack will only be used by Brigade Assaults in Very Hard difficulties, or whom have come out of boxes)

*Note: Brigade Assaults that are in 5-6 or come out of boxes will automatically be defeated after a certain amount of time has passed since they have spawned.

A5-turret.png Turret


  • Aimed Shot - Aims and fires multiple shots at the player(s).
  • Cone Shot - Aims and fires multiple shots in a cone-shape.
  • Homing Missile - Turret fires 3 aimed missiles that will fall overhead to targeted player(s).
  • Explosion - When HP is 0, Turret will begin countdown to explosion.


Image Name & Description
File:A5-mine.png Land Mine - When stepped on, will create an explosion similar to Flame Storm. Can hurt both foes and allies.
File:A5-stun.png Paralyzing Barrel - A barrel containing explosives that will stun foes.


Brigade Commander Ivanov





  • Type: Unknown
  • Idle SA: Unknown
  • Grabbable? Unknown


Tips and Details


Rare Drops

Template:5-6 Drop


Dungeon Theme
Boss Theme

Season 2
Blacklambs.pngWolfdog.png Areas
International Airport Sky Ship Bridge Refit Sky Ship UNION Division HQ

5-1: Runway Seven
5-2: Passenger Terminal
5-3: Concourse Rooftop
5-4: Concourse G
5-5: Abandoned Concourse
5-6: Abandoned Runway
5-T: Training Program: Virtual Airport

6-1: Rest Area Vicinity
6-2: Prison Access Road
6-3: Normal Quarantine Area
6-4: Parking Lot Battle
6-5: Prison Lab
6-6: Raining Rest Area
6-7: Special Quarantine Area
6-T: Training Program: Virtual Sky Ship

7-1: Aerial Defense
7-2: Sunset Dogfight
7-3: Secret Munitions Factory
7-4: Military Supply Route
7-5: Mining Shaft
7-6: Heart of the Mine
7-A: Acid Snow Foil Operation
7-B: Crystal Mining Operation
7-T: Training Program: Refit Sky Ship

8-1: Burning New York Square
8-2: HQ Defense
8-3: Downtown New York
8-4: Path to UNION Tower
8-5: Wrecked Lambs Keeper
8-6: Sky Ship Bridge
8-7: Lightless Street
8-8: UNION Tower Rooftop
8-9: Gate to the New World
8-S1: Subjugation Program: Irina
8-S2: Subjugation Program: David Lane

Wildhuter.png Areas
Gangnam District Riverside Skies Han High School Guro Station Gangnam Evac Center

- Act 4 -
WH6-1: Gangnam Station
WH6-2: Yeoksam Ward
WH6-3: Times Square Mall
- Act 5 -
WH6-4: Times Square Atrium
WH6-5: Yeoksam Alley
WH6-6: Line 9 Station

- Act 4 -
WH7-1: Riverside Drive
WH7-2: Broken Bridge
WH7-3: Apartment Complex Site
- Act 6 -
WH7-4: Ticket Booth
WH7-5: Cherry Blossom Parkway
WH7-6: Midnight in the Park

- Act 4 -
WH7-1: Main Building
WH7-2: Science Building

- Act 5 -
WH9-1: Train 426
WH9-2: Guro Station
WH9-3: Rooftop Ruins
- Act 6 -
WH9-4: NK Plaza
WH9-5: Storm Station
WH9-6: Crimson World Tower

- Act 5 -
WH10-1: Gangnam Ruins
WH10-2: Collapsing Street
WH10-3: Gangnam Boulevard
- Act 6 -
WH10-4: Rooftop Patrol Route
WH10-6: Toxic City
WH10-6: Downtown Stream

Season 1
Blacklambs.pngWolfdog.png Areas
Gangnam District Guro Station Han High School Gangnam Evac Center Disaster Recovery Center

1-1: Gangnam Station
1-2: Yeoksam Ward
1-3: Times Square Mall
1-4: Times Square Atrium
1-5: Yeoksam Alley
1-6: Line 9 Station

2-1: Train 426
2-2: Guro Station
2-3: Rooftop Ruins
2-4: NK Plaza
2-5: Storm Station
2-6: The War Mall
2-7: World Tower
2-T: Training Program: Virtual Guro

3-1: Main Building
3-2: Riverside Drive
3-3: Cherry Blossom Parkway
3-4: Science Building
3-5: Broken Bridge
3-6: Park Ticket Booth
3-7: Midnight in the Park
3-T: Training Program: Virtual High School
3-S: Afterschool Labyrinth

4-1: Gangnam Ruins
4-2: Dimension Hot Zone
4-3: Gangnam Boulevard
4-4: Rooftop Patrol Route
4-5: Toxic City
4-6: Helipad
4-7: UNION Tower Battery
4-8: Dragon Outpost
4-9: Dragon Palace
4-T: Training Program: Virtual Evac Center
4-S: [Training] Cube

E1-1: Commerial Circuit
E1-2: Guro Circuit
E1-3: New Seoul Circuit
E1-4: Gangnam Circuit

Wildhuter.png Areas
Wheel of Fortune / Reverse Wheel

WH1-1: Warped Island
WH1-2: Island Outskirt

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