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Passenger Terminal

Monsters · Boss · Tips and Details · Rare Drops · Music
Recon (Easy) Lv 56 ~ 57  
Patrol (Normal) Lv 56 ~ 57  
Skirmish (Hard) Lv 57 ~ 58  
Assualt (Very Hard) Lv 60 ~ 61  


This is the Passanger Terminal, the area that was prepared for passengers to check in for their flights.
Although this area was normally filled with passengers, only people you could see now were the armed terrorists. For some, they would have came to this place for work.
For others, they would have came to this place for traveling. It is Closer's duty to return the everyday life to them.


Image Name & Description
A5-fist.png Android Fist-type


  • Combo - Android Fist-type punches twice, then kicks twice, the last kick sending foes flying.
  • Grab - Android Fist-type attempts to grab foe. If successful, he will follow up with a punch that sends foes flying. (Similar to J's Ocher Catch)
A5-juggernaut.png Android Juggernaut


  • Combo - Android Juggernaut prepares himself with a fighting stance, then proceeds to punch twice and stomp foe.
  • Laser - Android Juggernaut fires a light-blue colored beam from his face.
File:A5-briassault.png Brigade Assault (Very Hard only)


  • Shooting - Brigade Assault quickly shoots several bullets.
  • Reload & Shoot - In Super Armor state, Brigade Assault reloads magazine, then shoots many bullets.
  • Explosive Shot - Brigade Assault launches an explosive shot upwards. When the shot hits the ground, it will explode.
  • Back Attack - Brigade Assault rolls behind player(s) and slices with his knife
  • Place Bomb - Brigade Assault places a bomb that will initiate countdown before releasing a spraying explosion. (This attack will only be used by Brigade Assaults in Very Hard difficulties, or whom have come out of boxes)

*Note: Brigade Assaults that are in 5-6 or come out of boxes will automatically be defeated after a certain amount of time has passed since they have spawned.

File:A5-briscout.png Brigade Scout (Very Hard only)


  • Shooting - Brigade Scout quickly shoots several bullets.
  • Reload & Shoot - In Super Armor state, Brigade Scout reloads magazine, then shoots many bullets.
  • Knife Attack - In Super Armor state, Brigade Scout prepares to attack, then jumps, lunges, and slashes at player(s) with his knife.
  • Back Attack - Brigade Scout rolls behind player(s) and slices with his knife

*Note: Brigade Scouts that come out of boxes will automatically be defeated after a certain amount of time has passed since they have spawned.

A5-reaper.png Android Reaper (Very Hard only)


  • Combo - Android Reaper strikes player(s) with his scythe twice.
  • Lightning Strikes - Android Reaper preforms a wide slash with his scythe. Afterwards, 3 lightning strikes will follow and fall down onto the player(s).
A5-turret.png Turret


  • Aimed Shot - Aims and fires multiple shots at the player(s).
  • Cone Shot - Aims and fires multiple shots in a cone-shape.
  • Homing Missile - Turret fires 3 aimed missiles that will fall overhead to targeted player(s).
  • Explosion - When HP is 0, Turret will begin countdown to explosion.
A5B-slayer.png Mini Boss: Android Slayer


A5B-briassassin.png Mini Boss: Brigade Assassin (Very Hard only)



Image Name & Description
File:A5-suitcase.png Suitcase - A suitcase that has been left behind. When hit, the suitcase will fly forwards, hitting and dealing damage to foes in front of it.
File:A5-mine.png Land Mine - When stepped on, will create an explosion similar to Flame Storm. Can hurt both foes and allies.
File:A5-stun.png Paralyzing Barrel - A barrel containing explosives that will stun foes.
File:A5-box.png Cargo Box - A cargo box used by the airline. When destroyed, Brigade Scout, Brigade Assault, a bundle of suitcases, or recovery portions may appear. If a Brigade Scout or Assault appears, you must defeat the terrorist or wait for the terrorist to be automatically defeated in order to progress dungeon.
File:A5-truck.png Truck - A large truck that will ram into allies, sending players hit flying. Before ramming, the truck will display a red outline displaying where it will strike. Only shows up in hard or higher difficulties.


Android Blader




A swift android working for terrorists. Equipped with various blades, this android quickly slices all foes in his way.


  • Type: Unknown
  • Idle SA: Unknown
  • Grabbable? Unknown


  • SA Lv. 0 Basic Combo - Android Blader strike forwards for 1 hit, then jumps and spins for 2 hits.
  • SA Lv. 1 Deep Slice - Android Blader lunges forward a large distance to slice player(s). (In Very Hard difficulty, Android Blader may preform this up to twice in a row)
  • SA Lv. 2 Blade Dance - Aiming towards player, Android Blader will slice forwards twice, then send out shuriken (up to 3 shurikens in Very Hard difficulty), dealing multiple hits.
  • SA Lv. 3 Beam - Android Blader charges and shoots a red-colored beam.

Moderate Health

  • SA Lv. 4 Beam - Android Blader shoots a beam all around him. During the beam firing, Android Blader is invulnerable. Android Blader appears to only use this attack once, to signal the start of Moderate Health mode.
  • SA Lv. 4 Shuriken - Android Blader sends out 3 shurikens (Android Blader will preform this action up to twice in Very Hard difficulty). If a player is hit, Android Blader preform a Deep Slice.
  • SA Lv. 5 Blade Expansion - Android Blader surrounds himself with an expanding shuriken that deals multiple hits. (In Very Hard difficulty, Android Blader will also summon two additional expanding shurikens on the sides of the main one)

Tips and Details


Rare Drops

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Dungeon Theme
Boss Theme

Season 2
Blacklambs.pngWolfdog.png Areas
International Airport Sky Ship Bridge Refit Sky Ship UNION Division HQ

5-1: Runway Seven
5-2: Passenger Terminal
5-3: Concourse Rooftop
5-4: Concourse G
5-5: Abandoned Concourse
5-6: Abandoned Runway
5-T: Training Program: Virtual Airport

6-1: Rest Area Vicinity
6-2: Prison Access Road
6-3: Normal Quarantine Area
6-4: Parking Lot Battle
6-5: Prison Lab
6-6: Raining Rest Area
6-7: Special Quarantine Area
6-T: Training Program: Virtual Sky Ship

7-1: Aerial Defense
7-2: Sunset Dogfight
7-3: Secret Munitions Factory
7-4: Military Supply Route
7-5: Mining Shaft
7-6: Heart of the Mine
7-A: Acid Snow Foil Operation
7-B: Crystal Mining Operation
7-T: Training Program: Refit Sky Ship

8-1: Burning New York Square
8-2: HQ Defense
8-3: Downtown New York
8-4: Path to UNION Tower
8-5: Wrecked Lambs Keeper
8-6: Sky Ship Bridge
8-7: Lightless Street
8-8: UNION Tower Rooftop
8-9: Gate to the New World
8-S1: Subjugation Program: Irina
8-S2: Subjugation Program: David Lane

Wildhuter.png Areas
Gangnam District Riverside Skies Han High School Guro Station Gangnam Evac Center

- Act 4 -
WH6-1: Gangnam Station
WH6-2: Yeoksam Ward
WH6-3: Times Square Mall
- Act 5 -
WH6-4: Times Square Atrium
WH6-5: Yeoksam Alley
WH6-6: Line 9 Station

- Act 4 -
WH7-1: Riverside Drive
WH7-2: Broken Bridge
WH7-3: Apartment Complex Site
- Act 6 -
WH7-4: Ticket Booth
WH7-5: Cherry Blossom Parkway
WH7-6: Midnight in the Park

- Act 4 -
WH7-1: Main Building
WH7-2: Science Building

- Act 5 -
WH9-1: Train 426
WH9-2: Guro Station
WH9-3: Rooftop Ruins
- Act 6 -
WH9-4: NK Plaza
WH9-5: Storm Station
WH9-6: Crimson World Tower

- Act 5 -
WH10-1: Gangnam Ruins
WH10-2: Collapsing Street
WH10-3: Gangnam Boulevard
- Act 6 -
WH10-4: Rooftop Patrol Route
WH10-6: Toxic City
WH10-6: Downtown Stream

Season 1
Blacklambs.pngWolfdog.png Areas
Gangnam District Guro Station Han High School Gangnam Evac Center Disaster Recovery Center

1-1: Gangnam Station
1-2: Yeoksam Ward
1-3: Times Square Mall
1-4: Times Square Atrium
1-5: Yeoksam Alley
1-6: Line 9 Station

2-1: Train 426
2-2: Guro Station
2-3: Rooftop Ruins
2-4: NK Plaza
2-5: Storm Station
2-6: The War Mall
2-7: World Tower
2-T: Training Program: Virtual Guro

3-1: Main Building
3-2: Riverside Drive
3-3: Cherry Blossom Parkway
3-4: Science Building
3-5: Broken Bridge
3-6: Park Ticket Booth
3-7: Midnight in the Park
3-T: Training Program: Virtual High School
3-S: Afterschool Labyrinth

4-1: Gangnam Ruins
4-2: Dimension Hot Zone
4-3: Gangnam Boulevard
4-4: Rooftop Patrol Route
4-5: Toxic City
4-6: Helipad
4-7: UNION Tower Battery
4-8: Dragon Outpost
4-9: Dragon Palace
4-T: Training Program: Virtual Evac Center
4-S: [Training] Cube

E1-1: Commerial Circuit
E1-2: Guro Circuit
E1-3: New Seoul Circuit
E1-4: Gangnam Circuit

Wildhuter.png Areas
Wheel of Fortune / Reverse Wheel

WH1-1: Warped Island
WH1-2: Island Outskirt

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