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Welcome to the Closers HQ Wiki, a database containing all the information you'll need regarding Closers Online! We are currently focused on the Korean server as we await news for an overseas release.

This is currently an English Wiki, which can only be edited by members of Closers HQ right now. You can register for free here on Closers HQ if you haven't already.
Currently there are 348 articles in Closers HQ Wiki. We are still developing, information may change frequently.

Before contributing, please read the Closers HQ Wiki Rules to prevent mistakes and errors.

This is our current to-do list, for anyone interested.
No, we're not dead. We just have way too few editors.

Latest Trailer

Current: Special Agent Violet!



Time in Korea

  • Date: Sun, Nov 19, 2017
  • Time: 12:55 AM

Stamina Reset

  • 4 AM (KST) (GMT +9) | 11 AM (PST) | 2PM (EST)

Latest Patch Content:

Ongoing Events:

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